Welcome to Ahoi Surfcrafts!

Hey, it’s crowded out there! Harken back to the days when you knew everybody in the line-up. When driving by your favorite surf break you could tell who was out just by the style of the surfer silhouetted out in the water. When you wanted a new surfboard you brought a six pack to your best friends house and went to the garage and made it an all day event by shaping a log and “chewin’ the fat”. Just hangin’ out having a great time with your pals. Everyone who surfed was family! That’s what Ahoi Surfcrafts is all about! It’s not about the “All Mighty Dollar” or fame, glory, “high-five’s” or how many boards you can manufacture off the assembly line of “ghost” shapers, finners, glassers, fill-coaters, sanders and polishers. Ahoi Surfcrafts is about YOU because, if you are reading this, you understand what’s what the surfing world has lost through the years. Ahoi Surfcrafts is trying to get that back. I'm Paul Eigenhuis owner, shaper, glasser and sander of Ahoi Surfcrafts and I want to thank you for being a part of the family! If you are interested in ordering a custom Ahoi! Surfcraft please contact me. 

*Please note, since each board is handcrafted by myself from start to finish your order may require more time to complete. Again, I take great care and detail in my craft.

If  you are interested in carrying Ahoi Surfcrafts in your shop please contact me.

New custom board order for Malia.